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writing stuffs of 2011

Oh my, I finally finished typing up my 2011 Fic List. 2011 was the year of the short-and-sweet fics. The majority of what I wrote were short ficlets for my fic tumblr, which I've been greatly enjoying - very low pressure, and mostly just writing for myself. This is probably reflected in the ridiculous number of fandoms I've got this time around - I've found myself writing short fics about movies that I've liked, like The Perfect Stranger, even though there's no audience for it. It's just been to amuse myself and appease my curiosity, so it's been very satisfying.

The other satisfying writing project I started in 2011 was my horror blog Wimp Does Horror. I started that in February 2011 and it's been a lot of fun, helping me to engage with what I'm watching. I'm nearly entirely through my initial list of 55 films, so I'm going to be pulling together a second list soonish in order to work through that over 2012.
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