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Five Acts Questions

Five Acts Questions

If you have any questions about how things work or what the frak is going on, this is the place to ask them.

What's it all about?
The Five Acts exchange was born out of my complete addiction to writing and receiving comment fic. Fandom is a lovely, kinky, giving place, and we all have our secret favourite tropes to read in fic. For the exchange, in our journals we put up a list of our five favourite things to read in fics - and then the generosity of fandom kicks in, as we rush around to write fics for each other incorporating their favourite things.

When does it run?
Round Six will run from the 13th to the 19th of April. It is currently roughly tri-annual, so Round Seven (!) should turn up around August/September.

When can I sign up?
Sign-ups open on the 13th of April, and you can sign up at any point in the exchange. Sign-ups will close on the 19th of April, 8pm GMT. While fics can be written after this point, new lists will not be accepted.

What is an 'act'?
An 'act' can be anything at all: from something kinky like BDSM, to something fluffy like cuddling, all the way through to general themes like "water" or "white". It's up to you, but remember that you are only allowed five!

Can I reuse my acts from the last round?
Yes, you can.

Can I write fics without signing up?
Of course!

Can I write fills to peoples' lists even after the round closes?
You can indeed! Sign-ups will close at the assigned date, but you can write fic for as long as you'd like. We are planning to have an amnesty round soon, in which you can post unfinished fics from previous rounds and link us to unlogged fics.
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