Shona (toestastegood) wrote,

The Scent 'verse

The Scent 'verse

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A series of fics in which Arthur is a vampire, and Merlin smells good.

Scent (PG - 555 words)
Merlin is about 99% sure that the first thing that people are supposed to do upon meeting you is not to press you against the nearest wall and start sniffing you.

+ Scent pod-fic read by eosrose: here.

Unqualified (PG - 1051 words)
Merlin is dismayed to find himself put in the service of the man who had sniffed his neck. He is even more dismayed to find that that man is the prince of Camelot.

The First Taste (PG-13 - 1812 words)
Arthur has issues with self-control. Merlin doesn't make it easy for him.

Camelot's Worst Kept Secret (PG - 2419 words)
After running into Gwen, Merlin finally gets some answers.

Full Moon (PG-13 - 3435 words)
After Arthur shows up in his bedroom at night, Merlin discovers that the full moon doesn't only have an effect on werewolves.

Listening to Dragons is Bad for Your Health (PG-13/light R - 4925 words)
Merlin discovers that sleeping in a vampire's room during the full moon is an incredibly bad idea, and that following a captive dragon's advice is an even worse one.

It's All Fun and Games (Until Someone Turns into a Squirrel) (PG - 1823 words)
Arthur corners Merlin to get answers about his magic.

Sire (PG - 5469 words)
Merlin is suspicious from the moment Arthur tells him to take a few days off – and it isn't long before he discovers that his worries are justified.

Home is Where Our Feet May Leave But Not Our Hearts (PG-13 - 4313 words)
When Merlin decides to go back to Ealdor to help with the harvest, Arthur has no choice but to come with him.

Keep The Wolf From The Door (PG-13 - 6493 words)
While in Ealdor, Arthur tries to investigate the death of several sheep.

While You Were Gone (PG-13 - 6292 words)
After Arthur's self-control slips, Merlin is brought back from Ealdor to help.

Waste Not Your Arrow on the Hare (PG-13 - 7646 words)
With cracks forming in Gwen and Morgana's relationship, Merlin watches as Gwen becomes interested in a charming new stranger.

+ Comment fic snippet

Apologise (PG - 1421 words)
Gwen thinks that it is time to talk to Morgana about why she has been so distant. Thinking about it is far easier than doing it.

Anniversary (R - 4471 words)
It is the anniversary of the night Arthur and Morgana were turned. Merlin thinks they ought to celebrate. Arthur thinks he's gone mad.

Odd One Out (PG-13 - 3677 words)
Camelot hosts a tournament. Arthur's mood takes a knock when he discovers that he will not be allowed to participate.
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