Shona (toestastegood) wrote,

My Tables

notagain_again - 3/20
001.Highschool AU 002.Characters have, or suddenly develop, a psychic/telepathic bond
The Social Network, Eduardo/Mark
003.Arranged marriages 004.Immortal being falls in love with mortal 005.Painter/writer loses inspiration, meeting special someone helps
006.Vampires 007.Zombies 008.Retelling legends
Inception, Cobb/Eames
009.Pirates 010.Body swap
011.A and B find out they are related 012.Back from the dead 013.A discovers a mysterious power/secret about their past 014.A gets sent into the past/future and has to work with someone's parents/children 015.Evil is set free
016.Shapechangers 017.Aliens 018.Werewolves 019.[Outside influence] made them do it
Primeval, Becker/Connor
020.AU Rivalry

Tags: fandom stuff:prompt tables
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